Michelle Malkin Interview

ENID, OK – BuzzHead Radio interviewed Michelle Malkin unexpectedly in December 2016. She was in town promoting her new investigative show online and had done an in depth story about local resident Daniel Holtzclaw.

Holtzclaw was an Oklahoma City police officer that was sentenced to life in prison — 263 years — for 18 counts of sexual assault. Malkin believes he could be innocent of all crimes.

We were covering her presentation and Q&A session when we were invited to a private press conference with her. Totally unprepared we snagged the interview with our iPhone.

Read more of Malkin’s investigation HERE. Michelle Malkin Investigates is one of several shows available exclusively on CRTV. For more information, visit www.CRTV.com.

Our impromptu interview with Malkin. We had to use an iPhone without mic.

The video above was a live stream from the Q&A. Holtzclaw actually calls in and speaks to the crowd from prison.