Emily Faith Interview

ENID, OK – Kingfisher native, Emily Faith, was back in the area on Friday as part of a group called Rivals that is opening for the popular Christian rock band Newsboys. The concert was held Friday night at the Central National Bank Center. Emily sat down with us on BuzzHead Radio to catch up with her latest adventures.

Emily and Rivals perform a 45 minute theatrical experience that tells a musical story about two characters that were friends when they were younger and split up. Rivals is about the two characters coming back together, one is about truth and one is about love. In the end they find they are better together.

Emily had worked with a song writer years ago that was writing the music for Rivals. He remembered working with Emily and showed her to the director and producer. They liked her for the project and she was invited to participate. The Newsboys ‘Love Riot’ Tour began on February 2, 2017.

Emily has performed locally for years and has even produced her own videos. She describes her sound as pop/country and when asked said she leans more towards country but likes to have a pop flare. She enjoys the atmosphere in Nashville and she could see herself performing there.

I asked Emily if she had ever tried out for American Idol or The Voice and she surprised us by saying, “I actually just went and did an audition for The Voice but… I can’t say.” We tried to get her to divulge details but she said, “All I can say is… I had an audition with the producers and then just waiting for the next call.”

Emily described traveling with the tour. The Newsboys and Rivals each have their own bus. Since she is only 14, her parents follow the tour in an RV. Emily trades between riding on the bus and riding with her parents.

Emily has already had some really big breaks including writing one of her favorite songs, ‘Right Side Of Life’, which she was asked to write for a Disney TV show. She says she wrote the song in 45 minutes and although it was not ultimately picked for the show it was one of the top choices.

One of her bigger experiences was performing for President George W. Bush. A video of her at six-years-old singing ‘God Bless The USA’ was posted on YouTube. The video was shown to President Bush and he loved her version. She was then asked to perform on stage before the President spoke.

Emily Faith can be found at www.emilyfaith.org. She can also be found on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other social media websites. You can find her music and download it on iTunes.