Who Are We?

BuzzHead Radio is something new created by the crew from BuzzHead Media! The concept is to bring our audience things that create excitement and stimulate hype, gossip, thrill, joy and exhilaration. Our goal is to broadcast things worth buzzing about. Throughout the day you’ll experience songs you’ve never heard, talk, podcasts, interviews and more.

We’re here to introduce you to unique individuals, reveal unbelievable stories, track down urban legends, divulge life’s mysteries and motivate you to live a life full of buzzworthy moments. We tackle the less stressful topics like pop culture, music, entertainment and lifestyle.

We’ll provide a positive spin on life with shows, songs and talk that encourages, motivates and inspires. Listen often and we promise to bring a smile, inspire you or introduce you to something new. If you’ve read this far, you’re officially a BuzzHead! Meet the BuzzHead Crew…

Curtis Tucker with BuzzHead Radio

Curtis D. Tucker – Creator, On Air Personality (Employee #1)
a.k.a. That Buzz Guy, bought his first domain name in 1998. He then quit his advertising directors position in 2003 to start multiple online businesses. He spent 10 years creating cartoon logos, building websites, selling greeting cards, drawing royalty free characters and conquering the world of SEO and Google AdSense. In 2013 he fully launched a hometown media company reporting on the news and lifestyle buzz in Enid, Oklahoma. He’s parlayed that company into the leading social media conglomerate in all of NW Oklahoma.

Since starting the “Buzz” portion of his career Curtis has gotten to interview Garth Brooks, Gene Simmons, Michelle Malkin and others while photographing bands like Styx, Beach Boys, Willie Nelson and Reba. He’s been an Honorary Commander at Vance AFB and was picked to fly with the US Air Force Thunderbirds. Curtis flew to Washington DC and covered the 2017 Presidential Inauguration then returned to his hometown in time to do a Facebook Live interview with the Weather Channels Mike Seidel.

Curtis has recently been bitten by the “movie extra” bug. He has been a forest firefighter onscreen with Jake Gyllenhaal while being directed by Paul Dano in “Wildlife,” he’s been a gambler onscreen with Tom Carey in “Starbright,” and played a country club member onscreen with Bo Derek in “Christmas in the Heartland.” Curtis also had an acting role in the Simpson’s Movie Western, “Canyon Trail.”

Today, you’ll find Curtis running his media company, snapping photographs, chasing sunrises, speaking to groups, interviewing news makers, partaking in adventures and spending airtime on multiple local radio stations. Those Buzz Guys are currently recording podcasts for BuzzHead Radio, chasing celebrities around Oklahoma and launching new things to buzz about! Contact him at buzz@buzzheadmedia.com.

Todd Wheeler – Producer, On Air Personality (Employee #2)
a.k.a. The Todd, was born and raised in good ole Enid, Oklahoma. Todd started working at an early age for his father’s roofing company. Early, as in grade school early. After his father retired, Todd worked several years for several different companies. Doing things like fracking oil wells or driving beer trucks. As fate would have it, he was destined for self employment, and as we all know once you work for yourself it’s very hard to punch a time clock.

While running a successful remodeling business, the opportunity to branch out and start another totally different business presented itself. He and his partner at the time opened a quaint little sandwich shop. “Philly’s the Great American Sandwich Shoppe” was an instant hit. Strangely enough it was this very sandwich shop that brought about yet another totally different business opportunity. Television!

Television was the last thing Todd would have imagined being involved in, but once again fate steps in and exposes him to another world of people and opportunity. With what one might call an eclectic background Todd finds himself in the video production, podcasting, and internet radio business. With no signs of slowing down or becoming comfortable with what the “Buzz guys” are tackling at the present, be on the watch for what they will attempt and conquer next. Contact him at toddwheeler@hotmail.com.